Manufactured with Quality & Pride exclusively in the USA since 1945

Rol-Away material handling equipment is designed and built for “Your ” specific application and facility with expertise using over 69 years of manufacturing experience!


In 1945 Rol-Away received a 25 piece order for special Crate Handlers Trucks from N.L. Peck at Pacific Metal Company to use in their warehouse to do the bulk of the material handling jobs in moving commercial metals around their facility. Al Lanskey at Pacific Metals used one of these same trucks until his retirement in 1952 at age 68 where he averaged moving 8 tons of metal a day by himself with these newly designed “Crate Handling Trucks”. Mr. Peck, Vice President of Pacific Metals at the time, sent a letter to Rol-Away thanking them for all the time saved on their material handling. Like many start-ups Rol-Away started fabrication in a garage. Aluminum welders were scarce yet George Burg the Rol-Away founder who insisted on aluminum vs. steel to begin with found excellent aluminum welders and the business grew until the “little shop” was bursting at the seams!


The 1970’s were a busy time at Rol-Away. New product development occurred quickly as new market opportunities emerged. New ownership arrived in 1978, adding new focus and energy to move the company forward. The building was expanded, yet again, and new employees were brought on to handle the increasing demand for Rol-Away products. Despite a quadrupling of oil prices and a stock market crash Rol-Away continued to design & build competitively priced products for Industry. Rol-Away partnered with both distribution & end users to keep costs contained and help plan for the future! During the 1970’s Rol-Away welcomed a new vision and leadership by James Cutler the new & still current President & CEO.


Since the early days, Rol-Away has adapted and expanded our product offering to keep up with the changing economy and our Customers’ needs. We now offer products fitting a wider range of industries, with greater capabilities in custom design solutions. New, inspired strategies are leading to further product expansions. Rol-Away saw renovations to the office space and manufacturing facilities. New Security Systems were implemented and shipping areas were expanded. Larger containers access & 53 ft truck lanes have shown to be a winning solution for Rol-Away logistics department. Website renovation and SolidWorks CAD programs have assisted in widening our markets world-wide. Products are now being shipped throughout North America (USA, Canada, Mexico), and into Brazil, Panama and South America. James Cutler, Rol-Aways President & CEO, is still active in major decisions & expansion developments which bring Customers additional benefits as they expand their own manufacturing facilities and distribution centers in the U.S.A. and other countries.

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