Rol-Away has partnered with Industry since 1945

Made In U.S.A

Rol-Away offers strategic advice and designs on equipment for moving materials throughout our Customers’ facilities. With over 70 years of design and manufacturing experience you can depend on Rol-Away to offer you a competitive solution for your material handling requirements, which will be a great long term investment- at an initial reasonable price. Partner with Rol-Away today and plan for the long term for your facility. Fast turn-around on unique designs and equipment built with quality to be durable and provide you with a great product ready for use in your facility. Rol-Away has continued to build exclusively in the USA. Our Customers can expect the highest quality control for each and every unit produced resulting in long term service life for your equipment. Call Rol-Away today at 1-800-547-4548 and partner with us on your material handling opportunity! Ladder Carts, Stock Picking Equipment, Flatbed Trucks, Platform Trucks, Crate Handlers etc.

We have been building   “Material Handling Equipment” of all types since 1945.

Call Rol-Away today at 1-800-547-4548           Proudly Made In U.S.A